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  • DonateNow

    Congratulations on choosing DonateNow! We can’t wait to help you start raising more money online! With DonateNow you get more than a button on your website, you get access to all the information and expertise you need to become a better fundraiser. Select the pricing plan that works best for you via the menu below. As a special gift for you, all DonateNow pricing plans come with EventsNow, our online ticketing service, for FREE!

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  • EventsNow

    EventsNow leverages the power of social fundraising in an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that increases event attendance and donations. With EventsNow, your nonprofit can create and publish an event online in minutes, where you can sell tickets, offer registration, even sell sponsorship—all without a monthly fee. No set-up or subscription fee! Just 5.5% + $.99 per transaction

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